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A future-oriented solution recognised by Microsoft

Food & Drinks 365 has been recognised by Microsoft as an add-on of the ERP Business Central software for the beverage industry.

This partnership offers your company the guarantee of a future-proof solution. Your ERP Microsoft and the add-on specific to the Computerland sector will evolve together, without any conflicts.

That guarantees business continuity and offers significant advantages in terms of cost reduction for your organisation/company


Reach your full potential with Food & Drinks 365 and optimise your daily activities

Because more than ever companies are having to focus on their core business and ensure that they have appropriate and flexible management tools to take full advantage of their resources, a specific ERP sectorial management solution can help you to make the difference.

The management software « Food & Drinks 365 » enables you to manage all your operational requirements

Sales & Marketing

Discover new sales channels and strengthen your sales & marketing approaches.


Optimise your main tasks and automate your stock management.


Obtain detailed reports of all your core activities and gain a better understanding of the company.


Avoid mistakes and automate your administrative processes.


 Take the first step towards a secure future thanks to a management package that combines the best practices in your sector with the technical expertise of Computerland

Overview of key features

Automate your main tasks

Increase your production and distribution capacity, improve your understanding of the market and your company, get a constant 360° view of your entire business, at any time.

Optimise your costs

Reduce your total cost of operations with a flexible cloud-based opex model, with a fixed monthly cost per user

e-commerce opportunities

Generate purchase orders automatically, integrate CRM and your sales & marketing initiatives, and learn more about your customers’ wishes.

Management of taxes & customs documents

Generate automatic calculations and leverage beverage industry-specific features such as excise calculations and end-of-year rebates.

Business insights and statistics

Obtain information about your company in real time, with clear reports that help you to manage your company more efficiently.

Management of fefo stock

Avoid waste with automated fefo (first expired first out) stock management.

Purchasing management

Simple and consistent management of information related to procurement, contracts, pricing and advance payments.

Integrated accounting

Simplify your administration and save time with accounting modules developed for your sector: automated billing, end-of-year payments and rebates

Full traceability management

Automated linking enables you to easily identify a supplier of primary materials, the production batches into which they have been integrated and the customers to which they have been sent.

Quality control

Monitor the quality of your products as closely as possible, centralise your information about your suppliers, your results and laboratory and compliance tests

Customs documents

Facilitate your product exports and boost your sales thanks to automatically generated documents: drm, daa –dae –ead, ex1, eur1, etc.

Did you know that...?

Migration to the add-on FR365 Dynamics NAV does not entail any additional expense. FD365 is updated automatically as legislation changes or as best practices in your industry become more refined?


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