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In the current context it is essential to put in place remote working strategies

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop enables your users to continue working thanks to desktop and application virtualisation, enabling businesses to deliver a secure and productive experience in a changing world.

Discover the different key benefits of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop :


Provide Windows 10 & 11 workstations on any device, wherever you are

Give employees the best virtualised experience with the only fully optimized solution for Windows 10, 11 and Office 365. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Teams on any device will enable users to get the same experience as with a desktop computer.

Deploy and scale in minutes

Simplify the deployment and management of your infrastructure and quickly scale to the needs of your business.

Reduce licensing and infrastructure costs

Use existing licenses to reduce costs thanks to a modern cloud based VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and pay only for what you consume. Maximize the use of your virtual machines thanks to the exclusive multi-session capability of Windows 10 & 11, allowing multiple users to log in simultaneously.

Simplify IT management

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop manages the VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) for you so that you can focus on users, applications and operating systems rather than inventory and hardware maintenance.

Built-in smart security

Secure and protect your applications and data thanks to security features that proactively detect threats and take corrective action. Easily apply the right user and device access controls with Azure Active Directory Conditional Access. Reduce vulnerabilities and contribute to the security of your virtual desktops by leveraging reverse connections and security solutions like Azure Firewall, Azure Sentinel and Azure Security Center.


What's in IT for me

  • Maximum SECURITY for your work environment
  • REDUCTION of costs
  • Ideal user EXPERIENCE
  • SIMPLIFICATION of IT management
  • Full COMPATIBILITY with M365


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